What the Mud Hen Can’t Do

If your industry produces slurry as a by-product, you probably know that it’s not always easy to deal with. You have to manage it carefully so that you don’t violate any wastewater discharge regulations. The Mud Hen is a great concrete slurry water system. But let’s talk about what it can’t do.


It Can’t Make Your Slurry Disappear

The Mud Hen can’t make your slurry disappear, but it can make it easier to manage. As a portable machine, it will effectively separate your liquids and solids. You’ll be left with clarified water and slurry cakes for easy disposal.


It Can’t Be Contained and Bolted Down

That’s right, the Mud Hen is portable. That means it doesn’t have to be forever stuck in a corner of your business or placed at one end of the jobsite where it inconveniently can’t be moved across the jobsite where it’s needed. It can fit in an elevator, through a standard 36” door, and on a tommy gate lift. Take it right where you need to—just hook it up to a portable air compressor and you’re all set.


It Can’t Hold Over 3.5 Cubic Feet of Solids

The Mud Hen MH4 is perfect for large job sites requiring a high volume of slurry to be processed efficiently and effectively. However, it’s only designed to handle 3.5 cubic feet of solids. But that’s okay, because we offer a filter press for projects that require the handling of more solids and wastewater. The Mud Hen is the perfect solution for those smaller, portable projects.


It Can’t Filter Out Glitter…Or Can It?

Actually, the Mud Hen can filter out glitter! If for some reason you have something as minuscule as glitter in your slurry, you can count on the Mud Hen to separate the glitter (that usually ends up everywhere if you use it) from the liquids. You’ll end up with very glittery slurry cakes.


Trust us, we tried it.

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