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How Much Water does a Filter Press Clean?

November 23, 2018
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So, you’ve got a lot of slurry water and need to clean it quickly? If you’re searching for the perfect filter press with additional options that’ll make for a smoother wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering process, you need to consider your unique needs and how much water you need cleaned. Oftentimes, the slurry water problem is better solved and more cost effective using a filter press in conjunction with other components. There is an evolving and wide range of filter press plants and complementary components.

The amount of water you can filter per minute is dependent upon your application and needs. You can choose a small plant that filters 2 to 30 gallons per minute, a medium plan that filters between 31 and 90 gallons per minute, and a large plant that can filter more than 90 gallons per minute. Many factors affect how much water your filter press can clean per minute. Filter presses typically clean 6 gallons per minute per cubic foot capacity. However, coupling a filter press plant with a slurry silo system or a rapid settlement system can greatly increase the flow and decrease the solids load on the press. Being properly trained on the system and making sure it works for your unique wastewater needs will also contribute to how much water your filter press can clean.

When thinking about how much water a filter press can clean, solid loads should also be considered in addition to gallons per minute. The percent of solids in the water will impact the speed and amount your slurry system can clean per minute. The nature of the solids is important to consider as well. How fast do the solids settle and how large in size are the particles? Peak flow and daily flow also impact speed and amount of slurry that can be cleaned per minute.
Filter presses can serve as stand-alone products or as a full plant with multiple components depending on how much water you need cleaned. Call Full Circle Water today at 320-529-4035; we’d love to talk more!