Clean My Water

Made in the USA of durable structural steel.

Mezzanine with optional staircase. Flexible size to meet your space and dumpster requirements.
OSHA compliant railings and decking come standard on all mezzanines.


  • Structural steel with galvanized slip resistant surfaces
  • OSHA approved ratings
  • Telescopic leg options
  • Multiple sizes and layouts available

Solutions for slurry water

Clean My Water

& Stands

Full Circle Water designs and fabricates custom mezzanines for raising filter press equipment and storage tanks off of your shop floor.  They allow for large storage containers or dump trucks to be situated directly beneath your filter press equipment lowering labor and handling costs for your filter press cake.

Our mezzanines are fabricated with I-beams and structural steel and customized to meet your space and height requirements.  Both ladder and staircase options are available.  OSHA compliant railings and decking for safety are standard on all mezzanines.  FCW can fabricate the mezzanines in 1 piece or with bolt on legs for shipping simplicity.


  • Custom mezzanines for easier access and operation
  • I-beams and structural steel
  • OSHA compliant railings and decking


  • Fully Integrated Components
  • Designed to match your needs and specifications
  • Custom shipping fabrication
  • Ladder and staircase options

“I would definitely recommend Full Circle Water for anybody that is interested in your products or services. The installers came to work early, stayed late, and made sure all of our questions were answered.”Larry Wild, Yochum Inc.
“The design and accompanying process controls have met and exceeded expectations. Mechanical operations have met and exceeded expectations aided by your I/O design.”Ron Hypes, VHP (Vemich, Hypes and Paraskos), Inc.

St. Joseph, MN & Las Vegas NV

Two U.S. Locations to better serve your needs.