Lack of Best Practices

June 19, 2019

It’s an unfortunate but true fact. There is a lack of industry standards when it comes to not only wastewater discharge, but a slew of other best practices. Best practices maintain a standard of quality. Best practices may be methods or techniques that are accepted as superior when compared to all other methods and techniques. These best practices produce the best results and become a standard for doing things. Best practices are the ideal way to comply with legal or ethical requirements.


Unfortunately, when it comes to ready mix concrete or the precast concrete industry, there are no real best practices for managing the overall process or taking care of other important steps. Those include things such as:

  • The screening and separation of aggregate, fiberglass, and sand.
  • Processing the slurry water. This is typically done with a filter press, but many companies use a manual filter press, while other companies utilize an automated filter press
  • Reusing water. Some companies do a good job of blending and reusing the processed water. Many firms use process water for wash down and rinse water. Some reuse the process water in batches.


Lack of best practices can lead to a number of problems. There is not a clear understanding of the proper process, with can cause problems not only with managing the overall process, but with managing employees as well. This can lead to poor performance and failure to comply with legal requirements.