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Introducing the All In One

December 18, 2020
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Here at Full Circle Water, we have been busy this last year with product development. We are proud to introduce the All In One (AIO), a superior wastewater treatment solution that is designed to minimize downtime and keep you processing water quickly.



The All In One is a project we have been working on for a long time. It was inspired by 600 fabricators that provided insight into how their stone shops run, what their product looks like, and what they want out of wastewater equipment. We made a piece of equipment that does not take up a lot of shop space and can be self-installed without the need for Full Circle Water to travel to your site.



The All In One combines all of our best equipment into one piece of machinery. We took elements from the clarifier, the pump skid, the plate pack, the water tank, and the controls systems and we put them all into one unit. This makes for an easier installation and it takes up much less space. The control systems went through a major upgrade and we did a complete overhaul on all the other components to make it perform at full flow and remove 95% of solids from slurry water. The touchscreen features an easy-to-use interface, making it easy to operate. The system will alert you if something is wrong, or the system will shut down automatically if it needs to. You’ll receive error messages that will help you diagnose the problem. You’ll also be able to track stats, such as how much water you are using and processing or how much polymer you’re going through.



Industry Leader

The All In One was designed to be an industry leader in multiple capacities. The All In One boasts a high-performing tube settler that outperforms the competition. It is reliable and easy to use. Add to that Full Circle Water’s standard of excellence and customer service, and you can count on the All In One to take care of your slurry.


If you’re looking for extremely clean water and a piece of equipment that requires little (if any) maintenance, check out the All In One: https://fullcirclewater.com/products/all-in-one/.