How to Reuse Water in Your Industry

February 22, 2021
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Now that you have a clarifier or filter press or equivalent wastewater system in your shop, do you know what to do with your recycled water? Water reclamation is the process of taking water and reusing it for other processes. There are a variety of ways that you can reuse your wastewater, from reusing it in your concrete operation to using it to washdown trailers.


An estimated 80% of wastewater is dumped back into the environment without being treated. We’re already facing water shortages, and contaminating water precious water sources is not helping the problem. If you don’t treat your wastewater and recycle it, you’re only contributing to the water crisis. Dumping wastewater or letting it absorb into the ground also contaminates precious ecosystems.


Reclaiming water not only prevents you from contributing to the water crisis, it is part of a sustainable water management system. It removes the pressure on groundwater and other natural bodies of water. It can also benefit ecosystems, nourish plant life, and recharge aquifers.



Recycled water can be used for irrigation, which offers numerous benefits. Not only is there a lower cost associated with using reclaimed water, but the treated wastewater offers a slew of great nutrients and can act as a fertilizer. Recycled wastewater, as long as it is treated properly, can be used on food crops and non-food crops. It is crucial that the water is treated before it is used on the crops because polluted water can be harmful for those consuming the crops.



Aquifers can store reclaimed water. When reclaimed water is recharged into aquifers, the quality of groundwater is preserved.


Drinking Water

Technology and nature has allowed us to treat wastewater to the level that it can be used for drinking water. The two types of potable water include indirect potable reuse and direct potable reuse. Whether it is indirect or direct, the water is highly treated to ensure it meets drinking water standards.


Industry Reuse

Perhaps the most common way for your shop to reuse water is to reuse it in your stone fabrication or concrete process. Water has a major not only in stone fabrication shops, but in the concrete industry. Acquiring the water to keep the operation running smoothly can be costly. If you are looking to cut costs and help the environment, treating your wastewater and reusing it in your process will help you get the most out of your money and your product. It will increase efficiency and profitability. You also won’t have to worry about finding a place to dispose of it.


Reclaimed water does not have to be treated like a nuisance to be disposed of. When treated properly, it can be a valuable water resource.