How to Reduce Shop Footprint | Compact Slurry Solutions

August 11, 2022
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Are you limited in your shop by space? Most business owners are, which demands that organizations use space as efficiently as possible. But this task is easier said than done. Accomplishing the goal of reducing shop footprint and saving as much room as possible requires better products with two characteristics: portability and compactness.


Save Shop Space with Portability

The first way to save space in a shop is with portability. Few slurry solutions are portable, which is why Full Circle offers the MudHen Portable. There are also larger, portable trailer plants for those who need to take their slurry solution to and from a job site.

The beauty of portable solutions is simple—they can be moved out of the way when not in use. With the ability to store your slurry solution, you can free up ample room in your shop for whatever you need to do. For those that need a permanently-fixed slurry solution, compact designs can also help.


Compact Designs Reduce Shop Footprint

Plenty of slurry solutions are bulky, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Compact designs are possible for slurry silos, filter presses, and rapid settlement systems. For example, the AIO from Full Circle Water delivers groundbreaking stone water recycling at a fraction of the space.

When trying to reduce shop footprint, be sure to favor compact designs over bulkier ones. Don’t worry if you think that a compact design will hinder productivity—Full Circle Water offers smaller solutions that pack the same punch as their larger counterparts.


Industry Leading Solutions from Full Circle Water

Full Circle Water offers compact and portable slurry solutions for every industry. Whether you work with stone, concrete, marble, granite, or another material, we have custom solutions fit for your business.

Do you want to find a better slurry solution? Chat with one of our slurry experts and get the help you need. With help from Full Circle Water, you can start using a tool that meets each of your needs.