How Bromine Feeds Help Prevent Bacteria in Your Wastewater

July 20, 2022
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When it comes to precious resources, like water, sustainable management and reuse have become the central issues. Countries like Australia and the United States have faced droughts in recent years, further pushing wastewater treatment into prominence and highlighting its importance.

Sadly, just filtering and reusing water isn’t a viable option, with microorganisms like algae and bacteria taking up residence in what could be clean water. There are thousands of micro-sized attackers threatening human health, environments, and safety that need to be weeded out before water can be reused—that’s where bromine comes in.

How do Bromine-Based Products Disinfect Water?

Bromine dissolves in water, forming hypobromous acid (HBrO). HBrO has powerful disinfectant properties, which allows it to kill many of the micro-sized invaders in water. Bromine is especially effective at killing pathogens from a spectrum of different origins, including a wide range of bacteria and waterborne viruses, like the poliovirus or rotaviruses.

Bromine is essential in industrial applications, like water cooling systems at power plants, pasteurizers at breweries, pulp and paper mills, and in many fountains, spas, and pools. Because bromine remains stable in hot water, it’s perfect for hot tubs and spas, as it’s incredibly beneficial for those with naturally sensitive skin. It also stays in its liquid state and is less likely to become airborne than bromamines, a major byproduct of bromine used in water treatments. Chlorine, on the other hand, can gas off and be inhaled by those surrounding the water.

How Full Circle Water’s Bromine Sanitizing System Can Help

To put it concisely, using the Bromine Sanitizing System means any bacteriological concerns regarding your closed-loop water recycling system are no longer an issue. Odors and bacterial growth will be prevented with Full Circle’s bromine feed. Our bromine feed was designed to eliminate odor from potential bacterial growth within the entire water system, saving you the headache of controlling and monitoring proper chlorine or bromine levels in the water.

Dosage is controlled via our smart touchscreen panel, ensuring the bromine tablets are used for peak efficiency and effectiveness. The water sanitizing process occurs as follows:

Bromine tablets dissolve as water flows by them, producing the above-mentioned bromamines, which then disinfect the water. Unlike chloramines, a less volatile version of chlorine used in water disinfecting, bromamines do not produce an odor while disinfecting and will continue to remain active after being fully dissolved into the water. Additionally, bromine is more effective at handling higher pH levels than chlorine is.

Contact Full Circle Water with any questions regarding our Bromine Feed, the bromine sanitizing system, or the bromine disinfecting process.