Filter Press

Clean My Water

Designed for the toughest applications:  Concrete , Glass , Metal, Aggregate, and more.


Electric Hydraulics

Semi-Automatic Plate Shifter


Filter Press 1000

  • Durable 2 part Epoxy paint
  • Fully welded cylinders
  • Electronic Hydraulics for Reliability
  • Made in the USA

Solutions for slurry water

Clean My Water

Filter Press 1000

Our 1000 mm filter presses hold between 30 to 50 cubic feet of solids for larger operations. They perform well for any applications needing up to 300 gpm. They feature electric hydraulics, customizable controls, and are easily operated by one individual with our semi-automatic plate shifter. Whether they are paired with other pieces of equipment, or as a stand-alone they make dewatering slurry cost effective and efficient.


They feature heavy-duty plates and durable steel construction as our, and our controls packages are fully customizable for your operation.


  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • 1000 mm polypropylene plates
  • Made in U.S.A.


  • Fully automated controls
  • Skid mounted cake carts
  • Pit-stir systems available

Filter Press in Operation

“I worked with Joe for about a year, and he helped me design a system that runs all day long every day without any problems, and removes a majority of the solids out of my water.”John Sitch, Floorazzo
“I would recommend Full Circle Water to anybody.”Brad Norris, envyR Surfaces

St. Joseph, MN & Las Vegas NV

Two U.S. Locations to better serve your needs.