Solutions for Concrete and Cement Slurry Water

No matter how you look at it, recycling concrete slurry water is a tricky proposition. With the conversation now being more about “how and when” not “if” to recycle water, the question becomes what is the best solution for the slurry created by your company’s processes.

At Pristine we understand these issues and finding the right solution for you is our core focus.

How does it work?

Our Concrete slurry water systems can be complete turnkey packages that offer all components including plumbing and anchors for an easily installed solution, or individual skid mounted components to best meet your concrete slurry needs. We ask a lot of questions, find out where you are with your water recycling, and focus on the most cost effective solution geared towards saving you time and money.

Besides removing the suspended solids from concrete slurry water, the other major factor with re-introducing the water is the pH level. Concrete processes almost always raise the pH level and regulations require that it be corrected prior to reuse or disposal. In addition to successfully removing the solids from your water, Pristine also offers pH balancing systems to automatically maintain user defined range for reuse or discharge.

What are some of the components used in your solutions?

Pristine has a variety of solutions to treat the slurry water, remove the solids, and allow for complete reuse of water or for safe and environmentally friendly disposal. Each situation is unique, to find out what the best course of action is for you, please contact us and let us help you determine which solution is best for you.

Who uses your equipment?

  • Cement plants
  • Precast concrete manufacturers
  • Concrete coring specialists
  • Concrete cutting and grinding companies
  • Concrete floor polishing teams
  • Concrete roll out firms

How can we help you?