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rss - rapid settlement system - stone - granite - fabrication - water - slurry - recycling

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Concrete Comparison of Methods

Filter Press

Full Circle Water filter press equipment packages include systems designed for a wide variety of concrete slurry water applications.  These include systems to handle precast, washout and wash down, cutting, grinding, and polishing. Just about any application where water and concrete fines produce slurry.  After the concrete slurry water is effectively treated it can then be reused in the process.

Our filter press systems are designed with robust pumps, piping, and valving. We also offer controls to handle the harsh pH and alkalinity associated with concrete slurry.  The equipment can be incorporated into an existing pit and screen separation process, or as a complete turn key system.

Manual, semi-automatic, and automated filter press systems are available to clarify your slurry water and to dewater the sludge so it is convenient to haul and dispose of. The systems can be installed permanently at a fixed location or skid and trailer mounted where portability is important.

Our filter press systems are an ideal pairing of proven technology and proven process to deliver consistent performance.  Specific sizes, models, pumps, and controls are available to match your needs.


Slurry Silo

Full Circle Water manufactures our Slurry Silo decanting towers to meet the demands of the concrete industry.  These silos are ideal for applications where lower volumes of solids and water need to be separated cost effectively. Convenient dewatering bags can be used to dispose of the sludge collected out of the concrete slurry water, or a filter press can be added to dewater the sludge.

The Slurry Silo requires less maintenance than most water systems in the concrete industry and typically costs much less per gallon of slurry processed.  When sized properly the equipment removes approximately 95% of the solids in real time – as slurry is produced it is processed and cleaned for reuse or disposal.

The Slurry Silo can be equipped with a variety of options to meet your specific requirements.  Typically the silos are permanently installed though they can be used on job sites and projects in the field if needed.


Rapid Settlement Systems

Full Circle Water’s unique Rapid Settlement Systems use inclined plate clarifier technology and are capable of removing very small fines from slurry water produced in the concrete industry.  The clarifiers use very small amounts of polymers injected into the slurry stream as water is pumped into the systems.  The design of the system ensures that small particles only need to settle 2 inches to be removed from the water as slurry makes its way through the tower.

Solids then collect in the bottom of the hopper and are conveniently discharged via an automated purge valve or are pumped through a filter press for further dewatering when necessary.

The RSS clarifiers represent the pinnacle of settling technology available today.  They can be paired with a variety of options and configurations to meet just about any slurry water application.  Many applications allow for the reuse of the water in the facility as well.


“I would recommend Full Circle Water to anybody.”Brad Norris, envyR Surfaces
“I worked with Joe for about a year, and he helped me design a system that runs all day long every day without any problems, and removes a majority of the solids out of my water.”John Sitch, Floorazzo

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