Common Fines for Untreated Wastewater

April 20, 2022
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Spring is tax season; a time when we all must calculate our yearly contributions. It’s not always fun, but taxes are an unavoidable part of contributing to and participating in society.


Fines, on the other hand, are completely avoidable. A fine or penalty is something a person or business must pay when they fail to follow rules, respect laws, or obey ordinances. In the wastewater industry, issues that might result in fines can be detrimental to your wallet and catastrophic to the environment.


Understanding Wastewater Fines

Beyond causing harm to the environment, wastewater fines can cut into business profits. The choice to ignore water regulations to save a few dollars also has lasting consequences on a company’s reputation.


In the world of wastewater fines, there are two main types of fines: fines for the discharge, and fines for failing to report the discharge. You read that correctly; not only can your company be fined for the hazardous discharge, but when caught, you will also be charged with failing to report the discharge. These double fines persist even when hazardous materials are not present or whether your company and employees violated regulations knowingly or unknowingly.


Additionally, direct discharge to waters and wetlands is prohibited. This means that most water will be returned to a publicly owned treatment plant, likely one run by your city or local municipality. The double fines from hazardous material dumping seem almost tame compared to the trifecta of POTW dumping fines.


Consequences of Wastewater Mistreatment

Fines resulting from improper wastewater treatment discharge to the POTW take three forms: fines for your violation of pretreatment standards, harm caused to the POTW system because of the discharge, and violation of your permit or limitation. It is critically important to ensure that you have sufficient wastewater treatment systems in place. Solutions to avoid these common wastewater fines are now readily available and can be vital to the growth of your company.


Your Wastewater Treatment Solution

Luckily, Full Circle Water has a variety of wastewater treatment systems, including portable slurry plants, to ensure you not only meet but exceed your wastewater treatment and purification needs. Contact us today to learn more (and avoid potential fines).