Refined Filtration


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The Cleanstream from Full Circle Water integrates with your existing water system to increase your water quality and reduce filtration costs in your shop. With advanced automation filtration, your shop can reuse up to 100% of your work water. Our stainless filtration technology eliminates the cloth filters from your old system, decreasing regular maintenance and cost. Finally, the Cleanstream brings your water to a 5 micron nominal level–perfect for CNC spindle requirements.

Why Your Shop Needs Cleanstream

The Cleanstream offers the latest innovations in wastewater filtration, but it won’t increase costs in your shop. When you trust our product, you’ll save money on filters and reduce downtime. Partner with Full Circle Water to:

  • Increase water quality to 5 micron
  • Decrease shop maintenance frequency
  • Remove disposable filter costs
  • Create more space in your shop

Choose Your Solution

The Cleanstream comes in two models. The Cleanstream 2 provides 30 gallons per minute of filtration. For organizations that need more power, the Cleanstream 4 provides 60 gallons per minute of filtration.
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No More Filter Costs

The Cleanstream uses state-of-the-art FN filters. Stainless steel washer compression and a self-cleaning backflush eliminates the need for disposable filters.

Self-Cleaning Automated System

As the filters collect sediment, the Cleanstream monitors the collection level and automatically backflushes when full. This automated solution keeps your water and your system free of debris.

Space-Saving Design

The Cleanstream design is compact and made to save space in your shop. Use the extra room for production, assembly, or fabrication.

Extend The Life Of Your Equipment

The Cleanstream provides excellent water clarity. This clarity reduces equipment wear and tear and saves you money in the long run. With 5 micron filtration, you won’t need to schedule frequent downtime to maintain equipment or allocate funds for replacements.