The Health Effects of Silica Exposure

Every worksite in the stone and concrete industries needs to manage silica particle exposure. Silica is a chemical agent, commonly found in industrial wastewater, that can cause long-term health problems to workers exposed to it. Over time, symptoms compound, eventually leading to serious problems. Taking proper precautions to minimize silica exposure is a critical part of keeping workers safe and

A Guide to Choosing the Right Slurry Pump and Filtration System

Close-up on pipes with a blue valve and cloudy, wastewater in the background. Dark blue, light blue, and white wave elements represent water waves, and the Full Circle Water logo is in the top right corner.

The slurry business is a complex industry filled with myriad physical, economic, and legal considerations. As a project manager, choosing a proven, American-made slurry system can go a long way towards preventing clogs and breakdowns, ensuring your system remains a profitable and resilient wastewater solution.    However, not every system is built to handle the same loads or manage slurry in

How American-Made Wastewater Treatment Solutions Avoid Supply Chain Issues

Two wastewater professionals examine a section of metal scaffolding. To the right of the two men is white text on a field of blue that reads “How American-Made Wastewater Treatment Solutions Avoid Supply Chain Issues.”

In recent years, the global supply chain has suffered a series of setbacks ranging from a global pandemic to logistical and transportation issues at some of the world’s busiest ports. Decades of reliance on offshore manufacturing, coupled with these issues, has led to severe and lasting supply challenges across the globe. Fortunately, professionals in the wastewater industry have options. Choosing

Automation, Robotics, and the Future of the Stone Industry

A stone slab overlayed with the Full Circle Water logo and the text “Automation, Robotics, and the Future of the Stone Industry”

Recent advances in automation have impacted nearly every industry, and the stone industry is no exception. It’s no surprise automation has dominated recent trends in the stone industry, as effective fabrication automation can make stone operations more efficient—even in the face of a declining workforce. Moving forward, it will be important for businesses in the stone industry to understand exactly

User-Friendly Wastewater Equipment: Training for Wastewater Systems

When it comes to wastewater treatment, Operator training and licensing can be difficult for your company and staff. As someone looking for reliable solutions, you understand the importance of user-friendly equipment that simplifies staff training for wastewater treatment systems. At Full Circle Water, we provide solutions that can revolutionize your operations. Our equipment can simplify your training for wastewater systems,

How to Increase Your Production Water Supply

Image of water with water droplet graphics and the headline ‘Best Practices for Increasing Production Water Supply’ and the Full Circle Water logo

At Full Circle Water, we understand how crucial water is to the success of your industrial processes. Water scarcity is a major issue affecting not only the economy, environment, and public health–but also your business. Here, we’ll discuss the need to increase your water supply and the most effective practices to keep production running smoothly.  The Need for Increasing Production

The Barrier to Clean Water | Why Shop Owners Don’t Adopt Slurry Solutions

A slurry solution running in a shop

Even if shop owners are considering ditching their slurry pit, there are still plenty of barriers in their way. Some slurry solutions do pose problems for organizations, but some products solve these issues and provide unparalleled performance. Slurry Solutions are Difficult to Install One of the main reasons that shops are hesitant to install slurry solutions is the difficulty. Plenty

Using the MudHen | Portable Slurry Water Filtration

A MudHen slurry water filtration system on a construction job site

Plenty of operations need a way to process slurry water, whether they’re in a shop or on a job site. Larger organizations counter this need with a slurry pit or even a dedicated slurry water filtration system, but these methods are costly and require a larger space. What about smaller operations? Luckily the MudHen can help.   Portable Slurry Water

How to Reduce Shop Footprint | Compact Slurry Solutions

Man working on an all in one slurry plant

Are you limited in your shop by space? Most business owners are, which demands that organizations use space as efficiently as possible. But this task is easier said than done. Accomplishing the goal of reducing shop footprint and saving as much room as possible requires better products with two characteristics: portability and compactness.   Save Shop Space with Portability The

How Bromine Feeds Help Prevent Bacteria in Your Wastewater

When it comes to precious resources, like water, sustainable management and reuse have become the central issues. Countries like Australia and the United States have faced droughts in recent years, further pushing wastewater treatment into prominence and highlighting its importance. Sadly, just filtering and reusing water isn’t a viable option, with microorganisms like algae and bacteria taking up residence in