How Do I Maintain my Filter Press?

An overhead shot of a filter press plant.

A filter press system is a great piece of equipment to have in your concrete or stone fabrication shop, but to keep it working in good order, you’ll need to prioritize its maintenance by using it properly and cleaning it regularly. Use it Correctly The first step of maintaining your large filter press is ensuring that you are choosing the

The MudHen Spotlight

Picture of the portable MudHen filter press used for concrete wastewater filtration

At Full Circle Water located in Central Minnesota, we are proud to offer a line of products that makes concrete wastewater filtration a breeze. One of our products that is especially popular with customers, the MudHen filter press, is portable. It can be brought out to the jobsite and easily moved around, making it a great option for the concrete

Ongoing Maintenance for Water Filtration Systems

Investing in a water filtration system, like a filter press, can be a huge commitment. While filter presses are the most effective solution for taking care of slurry and wastewater, the upfront cost can be intimidating. The efficiency a filter press will create—in addition to eliminating the fear of violating wastewater discharge regulations—is well worth the cost. In order to

How Much Water does a Filter Press Clean?

So, you’ve got a lot of slurry water and need to clean it quickly? If you’re searching for the perfect filter press with additional options that’ll make for a smoother wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering process, you need to consider your unique needs and how much water you need cleaned. Oftentimes, the slurry water problem is better solved and more

How to Maintain a Filter Press

Here are 5 simple actions to take to make sure your filter press is running properly: Wash the cloths periodically with a light pressure wash. Proper care and maintenance of the filter clothes are important to the performance of the filter press. The filter cloth must remain porous to provide high filtration rates. Some indicators that the clothes have become