How Do I Maintain my Filter Press?

An overhead shot of a filter press plant.

A filter press system is a great piece of equipment to have in your concrete or stone fabrication shop, but to keep it working in good order, you’ll need to prioritize its maintenance by using it properly and cleaning it regularly. Use it Correctly The first step of maintaining your large filter press is ensuring that you are choosing the

Remote and App-Based IIoT

We’re seeing an increase in the implementation of remote and app-based IIoT (industrial internet of things). It’s a way for machines to communicate about the process without actually disturbing the process. It’s a great way for businesses to keep track of what is going on with their equipment so they can effectively maintain it.   The data collected using remote

Welcome John Stones to the Team!

Full Circle Water is pleased to announce a partnership with John Stones, a wastewater equipment specialist, to represent our products in the Southwestern United States. Products offered include equipment to clean slurry water, pump and chemical feed solutions, as well as equipment for slurry handling. We call him a “slurry guy” who can be reached at He will work

Meet our Newest Addition to the Team—Alan Swift!

Full Circle Water is excited to welcome Alan Swift to represent our products and services in the Southwest. He is an industrial wastewater, concrete, and aggregate equipment specialist who provides solutions to contractors who generate slurry as a by-product of their operations.   Our partnership started when he met one of our owners four years ago at an agricultural show

California’s Water Recycling Criteria: Title 22

California is a state we should all be talking about when it comes to water consumption, water restrictions, and droughts. They’ve implemented a man-made drought that will begin in 2022 thanks to a bill that was signed by Governor Jerry Brown in May 2018. 2022 is the year in which “guidelines for efficient water use” must be in place to

Making the Wrong Decision in Equipment

Choosing the right piece of equipment for the job is easier said than done sometimes. Think about the first time you bought a car (or even a home). It was a stressful experience, wasn’t it? You worried you wouldn’t choose the best option for you. Maybe you worried about sticking to your budget while still meeting each one of your

Can I Overpressure my Filter Press?

If you’re investing money into a filter press, you want to be sure that you are running it properly. Not only should you make sure you invest in the right size filter press for your industry, you’ll want to clearly understand when the filter press is full and make sure you don’t overpressure it. You do have the potential to

How Do I Know my Filter Press is Full?

A huge part of maintaining your filter press to ensure it runs efficiently is operating it properly. As with any piece of equipment, if you’re running it incorrectly it is more likely to malfunction and need maintenance work. To avoid that problem all together, be sure your staff is properly trained. Among other important steps, they should be aware of

How to Not Get Mothballed

Have you ever heard the term, “mothballing”? Defined simply, it’s the act of keeping broken, unusable equipment in a corner where it collects dust and takes up space. Businesses typically intend to get the equipment fixed and running again, but it ends up as a pile of junk in the corner. Considering the investment people make in this type of

What Can Happen if You Discharge into the Storm Drain?

Water gushing from storm sewer following very heavy rainfall of the road after heavy rain.

Dumping or discharging wastewater into storm drains is not only wrong—it’s illegal. Industrial wastewater, especially slurry, often contains contaminants or toxins that are harmful to both plants and animals. If sludge or slurry makes its way into rivers and lakes, it can wreak havoc on the environment and the natural ecosystems we all rely on.   One of the most common ways