The Most Cost-Effective Way to Filter Water: Small Filter Presses

A MudHen portable filter press and an image of a holding pond with the Full Circle Water logo in the corner

At Full Circle Water, we understand the importance of clean water in the stone and concrete industries. Filtering slurry or wastewater can be a challenging and costly process. That’s why we offer small filter presses as a cost-effective solution to filter water. No matter your industry, our small filter presses can help you save money and time by producing clean

The Carbon Cycle and Wastewater Treatment

Image of clean water and text overlay “The Carbon Cycle”

With climate change and global warming top of mind, the wastewater treatment industry is looking to reduce its footprint. By taking advantage of the carbon cycle and using carbon capture, it may be possible to eliminate most greenhouse gas emissions. However, you’ll need a wastewater treatment system that can help. Wastewater Treatment Wastewater treatment removes dangerous contaminants from wastewater and

What Are the Differences Between Decanting Silos & Rapid Settlement Systems?

Decanting silo vs. rapid settlement system

For any business, the proper handling of wastewater is important not only for the environment but also for the financial well-being of the company. Illegally dumping wastewater can result in fines in the thousands of dollars and even jail time. Full Circle Water offers two primary sources of wastewater management: the decanting silo (or the slurry silo) and the rapid

Product Spotlight: Slurry Silo

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When you work in the concrete and stone industries, wastewater is inevitable. It’s a byproduct of the work you do. While you can’t change the fact that wastewater is going to be produced, you can change how you deal with it—for the better. Properly handling wastewater isn’t just about complying with local and federal regulations. It’s also about doing the

Introducing the All In One

Here at Full Circle Water, we have been busy this last year with product development. We are proud to introduce the All In One (AIO), a superior wastewater treatment solution that is designed to minimize downtime and keep you processing water quickly.   Features The All In One is a project we have been working on for a long time.

pH Control in Wastewater

So you’ve run your cement wastewater and slurry through a filter press to clean it, and it’s ready to be reused or dumped—WRONG! You’re on the right path by making sure it’s clean and by not dumping wastewater, but you need to make sure the pH balance of the water is at the appropriate level. This is especially important when