Balancing Water pH: CO2 vs. Acid

March 10, 2022
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Industrial wastewater is dirty business, but it doesn’t have to be. Chemical filtration systems use acid to balance water pH levels. However, using carbon dioxide to clean wastewater can be a simpler, easier, and more environmentally-friendly way to balance the pH levels of water.


Carbon Dioxide Wastewater Filtering


Carbon dioxide (CO2) filtering is a method to rid wastewater of particulates. It filters wastewater through complicated science, creating ions when it dissolves in water. This process also changed the water’s acidity, which is the same process used by adding chlorine or other acids to solutions to clean them. However, unlike these acidic treatments, carbon dioxide wastewater treatment does not leave any chemical waste, which needs to be disposed of, often at large costs to businesses.


How Carbon Dioxide Filtering Balances Water pH

Carbon dioxide filtering injects CO2 into a water stream. The carbon dioxide gas then mixes with the water, changing its acidity. This change in acidity draws the particles and contaminants to one side of the water stream. After the particles are drawn to one side, the water stream is then split between the clean, filtered water and the water with particles in it.


Benefits of Carbon Dioxide Filtering


Because carbon dioxide filtering uses gas to instigate the water filtration, it does not require any additional filters or membranes for the water to pass through. This means that there is no cost of repairing or replacing filters, saving your company both time and money.


The carbon dioxide itself can be used in two distinct setups. The first setup style is an open-air solution, in which the carbon dioxide that passes through the water is not retained by the system, instead passing into the atmosphere. The second setup style is a contained solution, in which the carbon dioxide that passes through the water stream is retained. Retaining the carbon dioxide not only offers environmental benefits, but it also allows businesses to reuse the CO2.


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