Automatic versus Semi-Automatic Filter Presses

February 12, 2021
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Is it time to upgrade your wastewater treatment equipment? A filter press is a fantastic option, especially if you have a large shop that runs a lot of product and you need very clean water for reuse or disposal. Once you decide that a filter press is the best choice for your operation, you have a few choices to choose from not only in size but in style. You can choose from a manual, semi-automatic, automatic, or portable system. Let’s learn about the differences between an automatic and semi-automatic filter press.


Automatic Filter Press

The automatic filter press is the ideal option for shops that do not have the extra time to spend working with the filter press to recycle wastewater. The automatic filter press is controlled with motorized hydraulics. This ensures the process is fully automatic, reducing labor and maintenance so you and your team can spend time on other important tasks. The filter press automatically opens and clears—dropping compressed slurry cakes into the hopper below without you having to lift a finger. Without having to watch or touch the machine, you’re left with dry cakes and filtered water. The whole cycle can take as little as ten minutes, too.


Semi-Automatic Filter Press

The semi-automatic filter press offers all the benefits of the line of Full Circle Water filter presses, but it requires a little more physical labor than the automatic filter press. The semi-automatic plate shifters have become a popular option for filter presses. Only one user is required to operate the press. They manage and shift the plates to ensure the product moves through the equipment and the dry cakes drop down below the press.


The semi-automatic filter press comes with safety features installed to keep the user safe at all times. The press is designed to operate only when both of the operator’s hands are on the plate shifter. If hands are removed, the press will stop. Because only one individual is required to operate the press, the process still moves forward quickly and efficiently.



As always, the equipment at Full Circle Water is fully customizable to your operation’s needs.