Why Pristine Full Circle Water Is Always Working For You

The only way to describe 2016 here at the Pristine Environmental family is exciting. Demand continues to grow for our MUD HEN line of products, our Rapid Settlement and Slurry Silo systems continue to meet the Full Circle Water demands of stone and concrete shops all across America, and the development stage of our automated line of filter presses is near completion. With a growing number of these units in the field we can truly say they are “road tested” at this point and ready for production. As our sales and product line has increased, so has our team. Several new team members have been added this year and are now full-fledged members of the Pristine Family. Along with all of that, and perhaps the most important thing we did all year, was to take some time on who we are, how we got here, and what our core values are. Here’s what we came up with.



Meyer Blacksmith-image for BlogIn its current form, there are three generations of the Meyer family working side by side in our business, and it was started by Pete and Joe Meyer almost 20 years ago. But the legacy started way before that. Going back as far as anyone can remember the Meyer family has been building things and fabricating steel in the St. Cloud area of Minnesota. As we thought deeper, the Pristine family isn’t just about the Meyers. It’s about our dedicated staff who deal with whatever seems to come along. It’s about our numerous contract workers that provide services to us who constantly go above and beyond what they are asked to do to help us grow. It’s about our many vendors who respond to our increasing demands and continue to communicate with us on a high level. And last, but certainly not least it’s about our customers. Even with some 3,000 and counting in our database, once a customer has some of our equipment, they are a part of our family. From a constant flow of problem solving over the phone at our help desk, to in person service calls. If your equipment is down that is a problem for us. We will ship the parts overnight and stay with you until you are back up and running.


Made in U.S.A.

We wear this proud. Our team comes to work with a deep and abiding sense of purpose in the job that they are doing. The steel we use is manufactured in the U.S.A. The very backbone of our nation is the tradesmen that built the buildings we live in and items that we use every day. The very backbone of our company are those same tradesmen. That pride was never more evident than recently when we were doing a photo shoot for our Mud Hen line of products. We had to shut down production for a few hours to utilize our fabrication floor to do the photo shoot, and our welders were helping us move things around. As the units were being arranged and lit, all across the room you could tell in their demeanor a tremendous sense of accomplishment. “We made those”, they said. Yes, we made those. And that is another reason we are able to provide after the sale service at the level that we do. We made it, so we can fix it.


Faithful to Task

Finish what you started. From the first weld, to assembling the various components of a Full Circle water system, to watching it roll away on the truck, to meeting the truck at a shop, and finally the installation process. We just don’t stop until you are up and running. As we research and develop our new products, no amount of information gathering or testing is too much. Even on our established line of products it is not uncommon for us to find a fitting that does the job a little better, change to a pump that lasts a little longer. It is that level of focus that is putting us at the top of the water recycling end of the stone and concrete industries.


Adaptive and Evolving

Let’s be honest. Purchasing water recycling equipment is not like buying your first home, getting that shiny new car, or even purchasing a saw that can raise a company’s net profit the minute it is installed. But it is an environmentally conscious decision that can save you money, protect your business, and it is a part of being in this industry. It is with those things in mind that we feel the best thing we can do is to constantly strive to provide you with the highest value, cost effective solutions possible for your water recycling. Whether it be tweaking the output settings on our chemical feed systems, or upgrading the control panel on our new line of Automated Filter Presses we don’t stop learning and trying new things. We don’t stop asking ourselves hard questions about how we do things. When we get a new idea, the top of the conversation revolves around how we can make your job easier. If we don’t have the answer at our fingertips, we just don’t stop until we find it.


If you would like to meet us in person, we would like that. We will be at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas, Nevada January 17-20. Our booth numbers are 040531 where we will be running demo’s on our Mud Hen portable filtration systems, and inside we will be at N646. There we will be displaying our Full Circle Water systems, and will have one of our new automated filter presses. Hope to see you there.

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