Inclined plate clarifier with 100’s of square feet of HDPE plates to greatly increase water clarity.

Automated Spring

Return purge valve hands free purging of collected solids.

Control Panel

Allows user to define frequency and duration of two purge valves along with controlling slurry pumps and polymer feed pumps.

Submersible Slurry Pump

Heavy duty submersible slurry pump to reliably move slurry into the tower.

Submersible Slurry Pump

Heavy duty submersible slurry pump to reliably move slurry into the tower.

Sludge Skid

Galvanized dipped forkliftable skids that allow easy handling of sludge dewatering bags.

Sludge Bag

Engineered to dewater thickened sludge and allow for easy handling and disposal.

Center Feed Tube

Minimizes turbulence and increases water clarity.

Clarified Water Tanks

Cone bottomed to eliminate most ongoing maintenance and cleaning long term.

Optional Automated Purge

Spring return air actuated valve allows hands free periodic tank purges.

Repress Pump Skid

Multiple sizes and options to fit any need and send processed water back for reuse

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Rapid Settlement
water system

Solutions for slurry water

Slurry to clean

Utilizing a Rapid Settlement System in front of your filter press will eliminate the vast majority of solids that currently end up in the filter press or building up in the slurry pit. This results in the following benefits which will pay for the capital cost of the equipment in under 24 months in most circumstances.

  • A 6 to 8 fold decrease in cleaning cycles dramatically reducing labor and downtime

  • A significant increase the clean water production of the filter press

  • Virtually eliminate running short of clean water which increases the productivity of your shop equipment and staff

  • Reduces settling and cleaning of your trenches and slurry pitsImproves the quality of any gray water loops dramatically lowering the maintenance and downtime of pumps and piping equipment

  • Greatly reduces the consumption and use of air along with decreasing the wear and tear of the double diaphragm filter press feed pump

Most installations only require 6’ x12’ of floor space and a standard 120 volt 20 amp dedicated outlet. About 12 to 16 hours of installation and plumbing is needed to incorporate the equipment in your
existing shop.

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solutions for slurry water

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