A Slurry Pit Agitator can be purchased as components and self installed – or can be purchased pre-fabricated with controls to easily install in your slurry pit and allow for a programmable frequency and duration to keep your slurry pit agitated and reduce maintenance time.
Stainless trench, pit, and pump screens.

We provide many options to reduce slurry issues utilizing fabricated screens to protect slurry pumps and remove unwanted debris from your slurry pit.

Controls, Floats, and Sensors
Pristine offers miscellaneous floats, controls, and sensors for your water needs.  Contact us today for a quote on your specific needs.

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Pristine offers a wide variety of slurry pumps to meet any demand. Submersible pumps in multiple voltages and materials are available for the harshest environments. Both liquid and air cooled options are available. Cast iron and stainless steel pumps and impellars and double seals are all options on our pumps.

Pneumatic pumps (air driven double diaphragm) are available as well. Pristine distributes Ingersoll Rand ARO pumps which are known for their reliability and parts availability.

Contact us today with your specific pump application and we can provide curves and quotes for you.

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Pristine offers a variety of controls for auto purge valves both prepackaged and customized to meet just about any water treatment or pumping need. PLC brands supported are Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, and Siemens. UL and CL listings are available on any panel, as well as multiple enclosure options.

Nibco automated butterfly valves along with Numatic valves are utilized for heavy industrial applications where reliability and durability in extreme environments is vital. These auto purge valves are air actuated with spring return to greatly reduce failures.

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Pristine manufactures galvanized dipped sludge skids and 1 cubic yard weeping sludge bags specifically designed to dewater sludge. These skids are easy to forklift and include a removable top rack to allow for efficient disposal of the sludge bags.

Optional 6 bag hanging frames are available for high volume u

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Pristine manufactures and assembles pump skids for a variety of uses. Pump skids can be made with galvanized dipped metal, stainless steel, or powder coated. Pump skids are pre-plumbed with all the necessary valves, unions, and gauges to augment installation and service. Controls are available in a variety of voltages and features to meet your specific needs.

VFD panels are available to maintain constant pressure and greatly reduce energy and pump wear.

Seals, impellars, motors, and pump bodies are all stocked at our Minnesota warehouse for convenience.

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