Pristine Environmental manufactures portable solutions to treat concrete washout on site.
Harmful industrial sediments from construction projects, including:

  • concrete
  • paint
  • stucco
  • mortars
  • grout
  • stone
  • tile
  • glass

Slurry waters can be effectively treated to be EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) compliant.  Pump trucks, stone and tile saws, cement and mortar mixers along with industrial slurries can be treated to remove the vast majority of suspended solids.  The pH can easily be treated to meet EPA requirements.

MudHen Protable-Pristine recycled water can be reused on site to reduce water consumption.  The sludge collected is compacted for easy disposal.

For years concrete wash out slurry has been a challenge.  With our MudHen concrete washout family of solutions concrete washout compliance has never been so easy.  All MudHen products are made in the USA.

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