Pristine Environmental offers standard and automated filter presses to meet many slurry applications. They come standard with recessed, cloth, gasketed style plates and screens along with air over hydraulics for easy opening and closing. Options are available between ½ cubic foot to 100 cubic foot in capacity.

Custom options manufactured include portable filter press, plate and frame press, and fully automated filter press equipment.

Our equipment can be completely designed for your space and your application with your input from day 1 of the project.  Our knowledgeable staff have assisted in hundreds of specific applications.  We can work within your specifications to meet and exceed your needs.

Our filter presses are available with a number of options including:

  • Diaphragm pumps, positive displacement pumps, and progressive cavity pumps
  • Automated controls
  • Expansion rails and rams for future expansion capability
  • Different height presses for meeting your current equipment needs
  • Sludge dumpsters
  • Plate shifters
  • Fully automated presses
  • incorporating new components into existing and used filter press equipment
  • Pristine also offers short term rentals if needed.

Our filter press equipment is designed for multiple industrial uses including:  Cement slurry, Glass slurry, Metal and metal finishing slurry water, Aggregate and Sand slurry, Stone slurry, Clay slurry, Precast slurry, Food and Beverage slurry, as well as many others.