Made in the USA, Pristine Environmental’s Automated Filter Press is built to clean slurry water, to compact and dewater the sludge collected, and to automatically dispose of the sludge cakes.  No long labor intensive cleaning cycles are needed for each cycle, potentially saving thousands in labor expense.  The automated filter press uses PLC controlled logic and industrial sensors with user defined operating parameters to closely monitor your wastewater process and control the filter press.

Our standard automated filter press package allows for complete automation with no start or stop required by the user.  The system senses when slurry pressure builds, applies more force to the slurry water input, and compacts the sludge while monitoring the building pressures.  after a user defined pressure has been reached the system opens, shakes, and closes up again and restarts.  Multiple position sensors, pressure transducers, and warning lights combine to make the system robust, and safe.

Automated filter presses are available in standard sizes of 1, 2, and 5 cubic feet. The presses are capable of processing most slurries every 15 to 20 minutes. In a 24 hour period more than 10 cubic yards of solids can be removed from your waste stream with our 5 cubic foot model.

Automated filter presses are available with silo decanters, towers, inclined plate clarifiers, and chemical feed systems for complete reuse solutions. Portable, job site systems are available for a variety of uses.