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Jetstream RO

Solutions for slurry water

Clean My Water

Jetstream RO

Jetstream commercial reverse osmosis systems remove up to 99% of the dissolved solids from your water. Systems are available to treat from 1 gallon per minute up to 10 gallons per minute and more. Optional microprocessor controls continuously monitor the water to ensure quality that exceeds your requirements.

Auto start-up and shut-down controls with adjustable pressure or float controls come standard with the systems. Recirculation valves are built in to the system to reduce waste water and maximize system efficiency. All components are strategically located for ease of use and for future repair access if needed.


  • Slim design


  • Comes in a variety of sizes

“I thought it was going to be expensive to go green.  It cost me a little and I made it up quickly when I started to get more work because I was ahead of my competition.”
“The whole system works together so well, it has made recycling our water not a big deal.”

St. Joseph, MN & Las Vegas NV

Two U.S. Locations to better serve your needs.